A letter from Sandy, May 2017

May 13, 2017

Subject: when it flows, it flows so beautifully.

Comment: Dear Sacred Medicinals,

In December 2012, two years after an on-the-job full spinal injury and rehabilitating myself mostly by laying on the ground with my legs up the wall, I was introduced to your Easy Rider Cider. This happened to coincide with my new chiropractic therapy and the healing that occurred seemed instantaneous compared to what I had been through. My muscles and tissues were able to relax after being frozen for two years and hold the chiropractic adjustments so well that I have not experience laying on the ground for a month at a time in pain after that. Wow! I also did not need as many adjustments as I needed.

Recently I was blessed to reconnect with your products and utilized the suppository to address deep healing from severe inflammation and exhaustion due to toxic mold exposure. I was able to rest and simultaneously reduce my inflammation with this product using small doses every other day for about a week, this was in August of 2016.

In March of 2017 I was passing kidney stones and had some intense burning and throbbing in my urethra, a little dab of the CBD 1:1 Coconut oil right on that spot whenever I experienced the sensations of passing stones *immediately* neutralized the pain and I feel it allowed that particular area to relax to painlessly pass multiple stones. This was so amazing I wonder why I ever took Ibuprofen.

At the time of this testimonial, May 2017, I have been experiencing residual spinal pain and discomfort from the injury years ago and new knee pain that has been strong enough for me to go to the medicine cabinet again for ibuprofen. My housemate was using CBD and I remembered your Sacred Medicinals Body Salvation balm. I went and purchased it, applied it and within a few minutes of application my upper spinal and knee pain reduced to almost nothing, just a slight awareness to keep me mindful while I work. I decided to rub in on my neck and shoulders which has been very tense with the work that has been aggravating these sensitive spots and again the discomfort and tension is reduced to almost nothing. I will definitely use it after a bath before bed to allow my body rest to facilitate deeper healing.

I continue to be positively impressed with the quality, efficacy and integrity of Sacred Medicinal’s products especially as I understand how to properly utilize this beautiful sacred medicine. Thank you so very much for bring this healing to the people.

Much love and appreciation,

Sandy K.
Mount Shasta, CA

Author: Sacred Medicinals

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