JOY BUTTER (vegan)

Joy Butter2

The JOY™ of cooking with Cannabis made easy with our cannabis-infused coconut oil hempseed butter.

We came up with an Indica Hybrid infused coconut oil combined with hempseed butter and a pinch of cinnamon to give you the power to create what you love. Love comes from the home, from the kitchen, through the food and it’s nourishment. Bake a cake, spread on toast, saute’ with veggies, melt into popcorn, fry up some eggs, whip up some pancakes, dip with some chips. Goes with anything sweet, salty, or savory. You get to be the chef. Recipe and potency are in your hands.


Potent – Observe serving size on jar
680mg of THC/4 oz. Jar
Delicious, creamy, nutty flavor
Dissolves anxiety, muscle fatigue, destresser for a good night’s sleep or relaxing day
Serving suggestions: add to popcorn, mix into your meal or hot drink, or bake a cake.
Ingredients:  Coconut oil, Hemp seed butter and the finest Cannabis

Vegan Joy Butter

“I enjoy melting a bit of Joy Butter in almond milk with some stevia and vanilla to help me sleep at night. Works like a charm and tastes delicious. ~ Brenda, Oakland