Easy Rider Cider

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Our Signature drink, Easy Rider Cider, is a combination of Pure Joy and Organic Apple Juice, is a favorite among patients, especially those with digestive issues.

  • Designed to alkalize to relieve stomach aches and acidity.
  • Cancer patients have reported that it relieves uncomfortable symptoms after chemo.
  • Helps soothe internal inflammation and decreases pain.
  • Increases appetite, and boosts the immune system.
  • Helps with mental focus and creativity (ADD, ADHD, Studying for tests, etc.)
100 MG of THC Per Bottle/4 servings
Joyful Smooth Uplifting
Tastes like apple pie, ala mode
Shelf life 6 weeks
Serving ideas: Popsicles, Hot Cider, Salad Dressing (see Recipes)

The Joy of Simple Ingredients

Hemp Seeds
Hemp seeds are the most nutritionally whole food source. They are considered to be a SUPERFOOD containing all essential amino and fatty acids, the perfect ratio of Omega 3-6-9, to maintain healthy human life, brain function and metabolism.

Medical Cannabis
Used as a sacred plant medicine by our ancestors all over the world going back 20,000 years. Recent studies show that Cannabis contains 120 known terpenes and can be used for AIDS, PTSD, cancer, arthritis, depression, chronic pain, diabetes, insomnia, migraines, seizures, autism, and the list goes on… This drink contains ONLY high-grade medical Cannabis.

Apple Juice
“An apple a day keep the doctor away” because they alkalize the stomach, leaving the acidity behind. Apples calms stomach aches and promotes good digestion.

Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices and is antibacterial and anti inflammatory, aids in regulating blood sugar and tastes really good.

Always organic, non-GMO and vegan with no added sugar

Reviews & Testimonials


Dope Magazine September 2015 1 Year Anniversary Issue

Easy Rider Cider is also an after Chemo-care drink by helping to relieve nausea, relaxes the body and mind and enhances appetite for a smoother healing process. Here’s an article about “How to combat chemotherapy nausea with cannabis and staying calm” that mentions the use of Easy Rider Cider drink for that matter. Written by Lydia Yeakel on March 23, 2015.


“I was grateful for the sense of organization I felt in my brain after trying Joy Juice for the fist time. I was able to clean off my desk and make sense of my closet for the first time in years. This is no small feat for a person with ADHD. Thank you Easy Rider Cider!” ~ Kelly

“Gave a bottle of Easy Rider Cider to my cancer patient and it helped keep things down” ~ Edible Consultant

“Got rid of my stomach ache 3 times this week with Easy Rider Cider.” ~ John

Easy Rider Cider is the best! It’s been a great to help me in assisting during my creative endeavors and just for relaxing purposes. The effects are potent and I’ve never had any negative side effects.  The Joymakers are not only creating something they love and respect, but giving back to those who are in need. ~ Kim