About Our Cider Drink

Made with the finest ingredients in small batches to ensure freshness and consistency, we developed a unique cannabis brew inspired by a favorite ceremonial drink in India. We blend high-quality organically-grown cannabis with hemp seeds, an Omega-rich superfood, and cinnamon, an anti-inflammatory spice, to create a potent medicine with a high vibe.

We call this holistic medicine “Pure Joy” because of the feeling we experienced when we drank it. For a delicious taste, we combine the Pure Joy (100 MG THC) with fresh juice (apple or mango/pineapple) and infuse it with lots of love and care in our own ceremonial process. This process includes creating an environment free of contaminants, conscious speech, blessings, songs, and Reiki symbols.

The ancients of India figured it all out and now science has proven that combining Omega 3s (found in hemp seeds) with cannabis, helps to repair and strengthen brain receptors that bond with THC. Basically what this means is that all the medicinal qualities are absorbed by using this superfood combination.

Cannabis researchers have discovered that combining Omega 3s (found in hemp seeds) with Cannabis helps repair receptors that bond with THC.


100 MG THC / 8 FL. OZ

Observe recommended dosage on bottle

Serve COLD or HOT (do not boil)

Effects are stimulating, euphoric, easily digestible, improves focus, concentration, and stamina, fast-acting, expansive, communicative, and joyful.

Proven to assist with symptoms of Crones Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, SAD, stomach aches and acidity, muscle and joint pain, headaches, foggy brain, hangovers, after-chemo side effects, and creative blocks.

Can be used for personal and spiritual enhancements such as muscle building, meditation, ceremony, creating art, dancing, hiking in nature, love-making, and celebrations.

Ingredients: Mountain spring water, apple juice, cannabis, hemp seeds, cinnamon, soy lecithin and love.

Always organic non-GMO and vegan with no added sugar