A letter from Sandy, May 2017

Dope Magazine review , September 2015

“Hi, I am so grateful to you gals for the majestic and lovely products that you create. I am already in a much better place full of love and uplifting energies. Thank you for being here . Be in joy always”  ~Mary, Mount Shasta

“Gave a bottle of Easy Rider Cider to my cancer patient and it helped keep things down” ~ Cannabis Consultant @CBCB, Berkeley

“I was grateful for the sense of organization I felt in my brain after trying Joy Juice for the fist time. I was able to clean off my desk and make sense of my closet for the first time in years. This is no small feat for a person with ADHD. Thank you Joy Easy Rider Cider!” ~ Kelly, Sacramento

“The Joy I experienced is of no other drink I have ever experienced: Uplifting and exalting. Kind and yet firm. Insightful as well as all embracing. Joy, much like a lover, is healing, transformative, intimate, and well worth the trip! I would return to the embracing arms of Joy always!” ~ Stephan, San Jose

“Joy drink is the bomb. I feel so magnificent. It is delicious and nutritious! Love the Joy drink.” ~Sam, Oakland

“Got rid of my stomach ache 3 times this week with Easy Rider Cider.” ~ John, Berkeley

“Easy Rider Cider is the best! It’s been a great to help to me in assisting during my creative endeavors and just for relaxing purposes. The effects are potent and I’ve never had any negative side effects.  The Joymakers are not only creating something they love and respect, but giving back to those who are in need.” ~ Kim, Fremont

“Loved the Mango juice! It really rocked. Thank you for such a wonderful product!”
~Sibyl, Petaluma

Your beverage is simply amazing and it will only be a matter of time before it is the golden standard of top organics.”  ~Anthony, San Diego