Our Story

Women-owned and operated

How it all began…

A few years back, a dear friend was in a motorcycle accident and in recovery for over a year. During the recovery time, in order to get off the pain medications, he decided to experiment with Medical Cannabis in a different form than smoking it. After many attempts with various recipes, he developed a Medical Cannabis drink made with hemp seed milk. He named it JOY™ because that’s what he felt whenever he drank this healing liquid. We are happy to say that he recovered completely without any more of those nasty addictive prescription drugs with side-effects. Then he shared the JOY™ recipe with us. Over a year’s time, we gladly tried different ways of making the JOY drink until we found the perfect flavor combination and birthed our first Joy drink made with cinnamon JOY™ and Apple Cider called Easy Rider Cider.

From our success, we grew our product line. From Easy Rider Cider came our Love Bombs, then Joy Butter, then Destiny Mango Drink, then CBD 1:1 and Deep Healers Suppositories. Now our products are being joyfully used by cannabis patients in Northern California.

As two women, lesbian women in fact, in the cannabis industry, we have been so blessed to work with product managers who are respectful and treat us like family. Our commitment to deliver excellent medicinal value on a consistent basis has contributed to our joy and happiness. We are grateful for this opportunity to express our devotion to this plant medicine and blossoming industry.

With gratitude and love!

M & L