Sacred Use of Cannabis

On September 16th, 2017, presented the first public ceremony for the sacred use of cannabis. In the ceremony, we celebrated the cannabis plant, and pray gratitude to the Deva, Santa Maria and the water that makes her grow! This is a spiritual experience of honoring, respecting and infusing ourselves with the good medicine of the plant energy, along with shamanic drumming and music making to assist us in returning to the flow of all that is.

Cannabis is one of the Great Clarifiers. What this means is that when we use cannabis intentionally, there’s a deeper healing that can take place. We set an intention, a prayer for our lives, or a prayer for someone or something else, and communicate with Santa Maria so she can respond to your needs. She will make things clear, give you an epiphany, or information and inspiration, and guide you in your life’s journey. She is a hugger too and you can take refuge in her arms. She is the greatest Mother plant with 10,000 uses, given to mankind for support on Earth, from medicine to rope to fuel to clothing. We are so grateful.

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Articles on Spiritual Use of Cannabis

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