The real victims of the War on Drugs

The War on Drugs. So much time and so much money is spent every year on this war that doesn’t even work. In this video, Alex Kreit, Professor of criminal law, shares statistic numbers about what’s going on “out there” across the USA, and who are the real victims of the War on Drugs. Plus, what happened in Portugal when they stopped arresting people for drug use, and referred it to addiction act instead of a criminal act.

Next, if you haven’t watched Michael Moore’s latest movie “Where to invade next”, I highly recommend! This movie is not really about invading other countries for war (as we are so used to hearing about), but rather to invade Europe and learn from their approach. So many good things that they have changed in their systems that actually work for the benefit of the all! From wholesome food in French schools, No homework in Norway, no drug arrests in Portugal and more. It’s an eye opener to another way of living that here in the states we only imagine… well, they live it- and it works!!!
Here’s a short interview with Michael Moore about his experience in Portugal:

With the right amount of pressure and as we keep voting with our wallets, demand change and educate others, here too, can be a day where the war on drugs end.


Author: Sacred Medicinals

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