Creating space through Thanks giving

We all want similar things in life: Happiness, prosperity, abundance, joy, peace of mind, meaningful relationships, inspiration and more… These are not “things” we can just order online or buy in the market, these are more like ‘concepts’ that we are eager to fill our lives with, an experience we are looking for, and many times we are looking in the wrong spot, over and over again, and not receiving the results we are so much wanting.

Let’s consider the possibility that all of the above desires might already exist in our lives. Perhaps we are just looking in the wrong place?


More than often, I experience that when I CREATE the space to be happy, I experience deep happiness. When I CREATE the space to be inspired, I experience inspiration.. and so on. I don’t know if that  those attributes are stored within me, but I do know that they exist in this Universe, I see others enjoying and prospering and I know: I CAN DO TOO!

So how do I create a space to invite you ask? Well, just like in baking, there is an alchemy involved. And the main ingredient is GRATITUDE.
Yes, I typed it right, Gratitude. Giving thanks is indeed, the highest form of prayer. Now, you can give thanks to everything that already exists and be very thankful to that, AND you can give thanks to what’s coming your way. How do you know whats coming your way? Well, that’s where ‘creating the space’ comes in…
When Native Americans pray for rain they thank the rain for showing up. They acknowledge the blessing before it arrived, as if it’s already here. Gratitude is the magic of manifestation. So give thanks to the happiness you feel, give thanks to the peace in mind you feel. When you acknowledge those blessings as if they are already there, you create the space for them to show up in your life. You create the space FOR YOURSELF to embody them through your spirit and BE those blessings.

Giving thanks, aka, Gratitude transforms lives! Are you ready for your transformation? start practicing! It’s the perfect time of the year :-)

Author: Sacred Medicinals

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