On the verge of Balance

Male female balance
A message from the Pleiadians

“The male vibration will transform in a very short period of time… As the waves continue to come, there will be a unilateral rising of consciousness with the population. At a certain point, when men are in the deepest struggle of mastering feeling, the feeling center will be activated. It will occur gently, or it will be blown wide open. Women at the same time will be hit, infused, and enveloped with the opening of the heart chakra so that they can have compassion while they watch men feel. We are speaking of mass events that will trigger people through waves of light. Female energy, that which feels and connects life to life, is being awakened in everyone. Women must redefine their ideas of femaleness and strength. They must find what it it to be strong as females, just as men must discover what it is to be vulnerable as males. What is the endearing aspect of the female when she is in self-empowerment – when she is a feminine version of empowerment and not a masculine version? … The old stories have been buried and covered that recount the magic of the female, the creator, the one able to bring birth, the one holding the mystery of blood – the life force – and the one able to put that life force back into the Earth. Where are the stories of the Goddess – she who loves and feels and nurtures? The male species used to have Goddess energy inside, too, and felt the need for the Goddess… the nonsense of separation and war never need be believed again. Man and woman are meant to complement each other, not oppose each other… Emotion is the key to figuring out the multidimensional self, healing it, and becoming one. It is also the key to lovingly activating the Earth as a Living Library, returning a valuable area of existence from extinction. With men and patriarchal society in charge of this planet for the last several thousand years, and women taking a position underground, separation has been the theme and emotion has been pushed aside, given a bad name, and frowned upon… You have nothing on which to pattern a positive image of empowered feminine. So men are striving to be male and women are striving to be empowered through a male vibration because you do not have a clear vision of the empowered female. You MUST create it. Begin to recognize the wealth of energy in the female version of self, which is intuition, receptivity, creativity, compassion and nourishment… If you are female, you are a living form of that essence. Men must discover their form of the Goddess within themselves where the Goddess meets the god in them…You are looking for the integration of the female and male essence within yourself. They make one whole… When you marry the twin flame inside yourself, you are recognizing the intuitive, Goddess, life-bringing, sensitive portion of yourself as well as the portion of yourself that is powerful, rational, and intellectual.” ~ excerpt from Bringers of the Dawn, Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak

Author: Sacred Medicinals

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