PERSPECTIVE is a great method to get clear about life, to examine our priorities and to change opinions and create new beliefs for ourselves. Take this image for example: How sometimes we feel so important, our Ego raises and we think we are kings of the world, but in fact, we are a tiny little speck of dust in the Universe, flying around in our orbit… Nevertheless, every one of us is equally important and the whole Universe will not be the same without you, me or any one of us!

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Now, as humans we all make mistakes, that’s what makes us humans right?!? Well, some humans created a whole culture based on mistakes! Yes, it is true  in science, biology and of course, in religion. Well, in regards to our solar system, the latest exciting news is that not only the Earth moves around the sun, AND our sun travels through space in a rapid speed like a comet and we are following it in it’s orbit! That means that Earth is moving through space in a rapid speed and is never stagnant, always in the flow of the Universe! DO YOU GET THIS?!?!

Many of us have been taught about how the solar system works by viewing a physical model that has the sun in the middle with the planets going around and around in a simple circular orbit without properly accounting for the motion of the sun (aprox. 450,000 miles per hour).
Because the both sun and the galaxy are moving through space, the Earth spirals an incredible distance through space in a year’s time. How far the Earth moves depends on the reference point you are using for something “stationary” or “backgroud” even though all objects in the universe are in motion.
The old model might make one picture being back where you started after a year of time has past, when in fact, you are over 11 BILLION miles from where you were a year ago!

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