Alkaline VS Acidic foods

Know that feeling in your stomach when the flavor of what you just ate comes up and “bites” you? Well, now you can learn why.

High acidic foods make our body acidic. In such environment, our immune system gets weaker and our inner organs need to work extra hard to digest and metabolize the acids from the food, leaving you heavy and tired and leaves an open window to different illnesses. (knock on wood!)

Alkaline foods support the body’s internal function and helps the immune system to get stronger, leaving you feeling nourished and healthy.

Have you heard about the petri dish experiment?

Scientists took two petri dishes and in each one inserted  a cancer cell. Then they changed the environment of each of the petri dishes: One was acidic and the other alkaline.
In the petri dish with the acidic environment the cancer cell grew and multiplied…
In the petri dish with the alkaline environment the cancer cell disappeared!

Check out this chart from to learn what to eat more of, and what foods to reduce for a perfect balanced diet that will leave you satisfied, healthy and full of vitality and, of course, choose ORGANIC foods as much as possible!

Author: Sacred Medicinals

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