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What’s it all about?

“Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.” – Thomas Jefferson, 1791

The founding fathers viewed hemp as vital to our nation’s prosperity. Hemp prohibition has forced us into the petro-chemical age threatening human extinction.


The CCHHI will make the natural resource hemp legal in California again.

Q: What kinds of issues can hemp impact?
A: Hemp can help solve a vast variety
of society’s problems including…

Global warming, hunger, and even cancer!

The Environment

There are over 25,000 clean and green products possible.

-Hemp for cheap, green gasoline and oil.
-Hemp for biodegradable plastics and paints.
-Hemp fiber for sustainable paper and textiles.
-Anything hemp can produce is sustainable/renewable and non-toxic.
-Hemp enriches the soil and can be grown without rotating crops.

The Economy

-Hemp can create thousands of jobs.
-Millions of dollars of Hemp is imported.

Why not produce it locally.

-In 1937 Hemp was called a billion dollar crop in Popular Mechanics.

Today that figure is estimated in the trillions.

-Millions of taxpayer money is also wasted fighting Hemp/Marijuana- with no success.

The Oil/Energy Crisis

Unlike other energy sources, biomass is infinite. Hemp is the best biomass crop on Earth!

-Hemp can fuel vehicles and produce motor oil.

Hemp is way more efficient than corn for bio-fuel.

-Hemp is cleaner than coal, natural gas, shale, etc.
-Hemp fuel is not subject to global politics or peak oil price speculation.

Stop energy price spikes.

Hemp fuel can do anything fossil fuel can.

-In the 1930s, Ford Co. engineers successfully produced alcohol, charcoal, tar and other stock chemicals from Hemp.

Safety and Security

-Reduce use of toxic petro-chemicals.
-Cease using dangerous nuclear energy.

-Reduce pollution and contamination.

-Stop the foreign oil addiction

-Stop funding unstable regimes.
-Stop using our military for oil wars.

-Begin to reverse the greenhouse effect.


Cannabis Hemp- a Proven Cancer Fighter!

-Hemp seed is one of nature’s most nutritious super-foods.

Solve hunger problems.

-THC from Hemp flower oil has been shown in studies to safely reduce/remove tumors.

Hemp just may be the cure for cancer.

-Medical Cannabis has been scientifically proven to be effective for many conditions and diseases despite stifled research.

This is why Cannabis is already legal medicinally in 16 states and DC.

-Cannabis is one of the few substances with no LD-50

…making it safer than alcohol, virtually all prescribed drugs, aspirin, and even many foods (ie the potato).


-People are severely punished or killed for growing this herbal medicine.
-Cannabis is the biggest factor in costly prison overpopulation.

The USA incarcerates more people than China and Russia combined.

-People wishing to treat their own cancer are getting locked up!
-Cannabis trade driven underground fuels violent cartel drug wars.

Prohibition of alcohol similarly increased violence and empowered mafias.

-The lives and billions of tax money wasted fighting Cannabis has not worked because Cannabis truly is a miracle plant!

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“I don’t know if Hemp’s gonna save the world, but I’ll tell you this… it’s the only thing that can”Jack Herer

Author: Sacred Medicinals

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