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Sacred Medicinals is committed to providing consistency and quality medicine to cannabis collectives for their patients. We specialize in taking into consideration patients’ health and well-being by creating a medical cannabis Organic Superfood drink, edibles, infused coconut oils and full extract suppositories. We consider our products to be holistically  designed for the highest good of the body, mind and soul.


Our mission is to provide patients with delicious medicated edibles, drinks and oil infusions that promote good health and healing with life-enhancing nutrition. We are impeccably conscious about how and what we put into our products because we believe that food is medicine and energy!


There are two parts to our intention:  Sacred and Healthy.

SACRED: We treat the cannabis with the highest regard as it’s such a beautiful medicinal plant with at least 10,000 uses. Before every production we bless the space and infuse the medicine with Reiki symbols, sacred mantras and blessings of love.

HEALTHY : We choose to use ingredients that are holistic, organic and non-GMO and sourced as locally as possible. We also make products that have little or no refined sugar and are gluten-free and vegan in order to give the maximum benefits to those who have food sensitivities.


Our packaging is also being carefully designed for the highest good of our precious planet Earth:

  • We chose tinted brown glass bottles for our drink, as well as recyclable glass jars for the infused coconut oils. By that, we are making sure that the medicine stays fresh and pure for your delight, without pollutants leaking in to it as opposed to plastic containers.
  • We are using post-consumer recycled boxes for our packaged edibles and suppositories.
  • The cellophane wrappers are bio-degradable, as well as our sample cups.
  • All our printing is done with soy based ink that has low toxicity.

Every action we take today, there will be consequences for the future. By choosing recyclable and bio-degradable materials for our packaging, we are ensuring a small carbon food print for a clean and conscious future on this planet.

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We hope you enJOY™ our products and absorb the nourishing value of this medicine in your body, mind and soul.